The Little Regent – Yewande Daniel Ayowade & Ken Daley

The Little Regent” is a wonderful new picture book with the flavors of both Aesop and Hans Christain Andersen. What I mean is – while the tale is set in modern Africa, there is a lot to be learned by implementing both fairy tale and a fable with a viable moral. I’m including this with my nonfiction list, as I believe it has great value.

Abioye is the eight-year-old princess of an African tribe, and becomes regent upon the death of her father, the king. And she remembers her father’s words: “Those who rule must first learn to serve.” So, while she awaits the decision of the tribal chieftains on who will succeed her father as king, she uses her newfound power to improve the lives of her subjects. She actually listens to them! And she makes improvements – that in turn improves their day-to-day lives. In the end, she becomes King.

It’s refreshing to me to find a beautifully illustrated picture book with a deeper meaning lying just below the surface. For those of us who remember politicians who “feel our pain,” Abioye’s wisdom is a pleasant reminder of how power can be used to help folks!

This book will make a great storytime readaloud, especially in multicultural settings. Check it out! And check out our excellent pricing…