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I’m David White – and this is my website, DJWBookworm!  

This website is for ANYBODY interested in reading or classical music (coming soon) –  

It has a used book and CD section, administered by me. There you’ll also find library bound book samples at special prices!

It has a Shopify store for apparel and other products, utilizing my unique designs for library and literacy subjects.

It has a unique area of “Specialty Book Lists,” containing items supplied through Bookshop.org. These lists are for use by parents as gifts, by kids or homeschoolers for fun reading, by teachers adding to their classroom libraries – LOTS of paperbacks! Inside this area you’ll also find access to the books from Reedy Press in St. Louis, a premier publisher of local and travel related books! And soon, this area will be featuring other products from Bookshop as well as literacy related games, puzzles, plush dolls…

A little bit about Bookshop.org: DJWBookworm.com is an internet affiliate of Bookshop.org, which is a “benefit corporation” – dedicated to the public good. Their mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. 10% of the profits from their sales are donated to independent bookstores nationwide.  Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Bookshop.org and I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

BOOKSHOP.ORG is AMAZING – But it is NOT AMAZ**!!! (Get it??) And MOST IMPORTANT: Please order within 48 hours of creating your list!  (That’s so I’ll get paid.)

More about Bookshop.org: Clicking a See Book List button will take you to Bookshop’s website, on a new page. To return to the open list, click on “Keep Shopping.” Bookshop.org will maintain your cart!  To return to DJWBookworm, use the tab at the top of the screen. Clicking on the book’s thumbnail picture will let you to see all info about the book, as well as to choose from binding options, audio books, and options for other vendors. 

“Add to Cart” means the book is ready to ship from Bookshop.org. Most shipments are made in 2 or 3 days.
“Backorder” means that the book must be obtained from the publisher. This takes longer – sometimes the book is simply out of stock, and some publishers offer their books “on demand,” meaning they have to be printed.
Books that are “out of print” simply don’t appear.

Bookshop.org does NOT offer cataloging or processing services. 
If your organization is tax exempt, please get in touch with Bookshop about whitelisting your account – by filling out the Contact Us form. Be sure to attach the necessary tax exemption documents to the form. 

Shipping for the first item is $3.50 – then, $1.00 for each item thereafter.

The most important reason for ordering from Bookshop:  Get. Books. Fast.

  • SPEED – Your books are shipped from the world’s largest wholesale book distributor: Ingram. First shipments should only take several days. Watch carefully for books that are readily available (“Add to Cart”) vs. “Backorder.”
  • PRICES are very excellent – comparable to the other big book wholesalers.
  • Your orders are supporting many physical bookstores in the US.

Finally, watch for new stuff as I add it!!!

David White

DJW Bookworm

[email protected]