The Pope & the Snowman: A Christmas Tale (2009)


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Roger Coleman is a recently retired pastor and community activist who worked in the midtown area of Kansas City, Missouri for over 40 years. During this time he served as director of Pilgrim Center, Inc., a community organization providing activities for children and youth. Pilgrim Center also sponsors Pilgrim Chapel, a public chapel open to people of all faiths. In 1986, Dr. Coleman, while chairman of the Mayor’s Task Force on Hunger, was in Ethiopia as part of an international response to the famine in that country. On his return home, he spent a miraculous evening in Rome. These two experiences have helped shape The Pope and the Snowman. Dr. Coleman attended college at Bethany College and seminary at Texas Christian University. He has a M.Ed. degree in counseling psychology from the University of Missouri and a D.Min. degree in theology and community development from St. Paul School of Theology. He is the creator of the Family Medallion, a symbol and resource for celebrating family unity and has published two other books, “Prankster of God: Confessions of A Wayward Priest” and “Of Stones and Feathers.”