Momentum – Survival Stories

New to the market this year is a series from The Child’s World publishing – “Momentum – Survival Stories.” Librarians and parents will want to examine these volumes and consider purchasing them for readers in upper elementary to middle school grades.

The authors of these books dive deep into the human side of natural disasters, weaving scientific explanations seamlessly into the narratives of those who lived through them. Through vivid photographs and detailed explanations, readers are guided through the events’ origins and development. Each disaster’s intensity is conveyed using various scales, from the Richter scale for earthquakes to storm categories for hurricanes. What truly sets these books apart is its presentation of multiple personal accounts within each disaster, offering a rich tapestry of perspectives across different times and locations. This diversity of experiences fosters a deeper understanding of the human toll of such calamities and the enduring effects on survivors.

For fans of fictional survival series like “I Survived,” this nonfiction exploration of real-life survival stories is sure to captivate and enlighten. A note for librarians: although this is certainly not “narrative” nonfiction, it lends itself to interesting literature that will stimulate thought, as well as be great research material.