Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure

So… this book has been around for a long, long time. 15 years, to be exact. Why would I even take the time to recommend this book?

One of the major reasons that I began this blog is to open minds to narrative nonfiction. This is a book that is very much central to libraries in the state of Missouri, where I live and write. But what makes this title important, beyond its location?

Can you imagine any of our recent presidents packing his old lady in the car and taking a road trip across the country? (Sorry Bees.) Harry and Bess decided to visit relatives in the east, and without the benefit of Secret Service protection, spent weeks traveling, meeting folks, eating in restaurants and surprising the locals in states between Missouri and the Atlantic Ocean. How unusual. How quaint. How absolutely American.

Just from my own perspective, this is a wonderful book to keep in a midwestern library, and an excellent choice for teachers to use to teach generational change. Do you own this book, or have it in your library? Give it a chance!