January 2024  Encounter: Narrative Nonfiction Stories (Capstone Press)

Information becomes indelibly etched in the minds of readers when presented as a compelling narrative. Encounter Books employs potent storytelling methods to convey nonfictional material in a manner that captivates the reader. Dive beyond the mere act of reading – immerse yourself in the narratives that unfold within your world. Compliant with state standards for character and story studies, these fulfill the various requirements for a many textual genres.

Some years ago, Capstone Press published these history stories. They are notable for their intention – to teach history in an interesting and sustainable manner. Their imagery and vivid text immerse readers in the era that they describe. Importantly, they also feature maps and primary source guides, a distinctive assist in learning to research and cite sources.

Today, the name John Wilkes Booth resonates as the infamous zealot who orchestrated the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. However, during his lifetime, he existed in the shadow of his more celebrated brother, Edwin, a renowned actor and esteemed figure in the 1860s theater scene. While Edwin Booth basked in the limelight as one of the greatest and most respected stars of the stage, John remained less famous and admired. Edwin, residing in New York and aligning himself with the Union cause, had no knowledge of his younger brother’s activities in Washington, D.C., where John, fueled by the Civil War’s shifting tides, harbored dark fantasies of kidnapping the president. As the Confederacy faced defeat, John’s desire for deadly vengeance reached its peak. The night Lincoln attended a play at Ford’s Theatre, Edwin was far away, oblivious to the unfolding plot in the nation’s capital.

What could be more thrilling than a daring prison escape? Enter the captivating tale of Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers, John and Clarence, who successfully broke free from the confines of Alcatraz in 1962 and have managed to elude capture ever since. While many authorities believe they met their fate crossing San Francisco Bay, persistent claims from relatives suggest they successfully reached the shores of Brazil. Theories surrounding their disappearance abound, creating an endless puzzle of possibilities. Unravel the truth by delving into firsthand accounts from those who were intimately involved with the escapees and the case. This is a mystery that beckons for resolution—one you won’t want to resist solving.

Experience the poignant narratives of numerous Jewish children rescued from the clutches of Nazi Germany between 1938 and 1940. Through memoir pieces, heartfelt poems, evocative photographs, and a myriad of other primary sources, delve into the authentic voices that bring to life the harrowing journeys of these resilient souls. Witness their courage and resilience as they find new homes in the United Kingdom, escaping the horrors of a dark chapter in history. These firsthand accounts offer a powerful and intimate glimpse into the lives of those who, against all odds, found refuge and hope amid the tumultuous backdrop of World War II.

Embark on an enthralling journey that unveils the remarkable narrative of four African-American women mathematicians who played pivotal roles in enabling the launch of US rockets and astronauts into the vast expanse of space. Delve into the thrilling tale of each woman’s significant contributions, chronicling not only their triumphs but also the challenges and resistance they encountered along the way. Despite facing adversity, these trailblazing mathematicians defied expectations and achieved extraordinary results. Today, their legacy endures as some of these consultants continue to contribute their expertise to NASA, symbolizing the triumph of intellect, perseverance, and groundbreaking achievement in the face of historical barriers.

Enter on an evocative journey into the past as the narrative unfolds the captivating tale of seven orphans who found new homes in the Midwest, courtesy of the Children’s Aid Society and their unique venture known as the orphan trains. In this compelling account, the author breathes life into the mid-nineteenth-century experiences of these children, revealing moving and fascinating stories of their journeys. Each chapter intricately explores the background of a different child, providing a nuanced perspective that extends to their not-always-happy placements in adoptive homes. Archival photographs enrich the narrative, offering a visual glimpse into this historical moment. The broader context of the orphan train movement is skillfully woven into the fabric of the story. Engage with critical thinking questions appended throughout, prompting reflection on the challenges and complexities faced by these young souls in their quest for family and belonging.


Embark on a high-stakes adventure as you explore “The Hump,” a treacherous 500-mile flight path across the eastern Himalayan Mountains, braved by numerous U.S. pilots during World War II to ensure a vital supply route for the Allies in China. In this fast-paced narrative, experience the thrill and danger through the eyes of some of the war’s bravest pilots, as personal accounts from these aviators, rescuers, and U.S. Air Force staff come together to put young readers right in the cockpit. Feel the pulse of the perilous journey, and gain a firsthand understanding of the challenges and heroism that defined this crucial chapter in aviation history.