Speedycover applications


LIBRARIES – Extend the life of your books

Use the Elettra Book Covering System in Public and School Libraries as the preferred way to protect and preserve books. Extend circulations and book life for less! Elettra’s Speedycover machine allows you to cover approximately 100,000 books with a single cutting bar! (The competition’s cutting bar only lasts for 5000 cuts!!!)

Covers are easy to install – easy to replace

Mylar wrapped book jackets and jacket covers are passé! Difficult to install and impossible to replace, mylar covers are incredibly old-fashioned – and they get dirty and all scratched up over the course of two or three circulations. Speedycover installs over paperbacks, hardcovers AND dust jackets – if one gets torn, replacement is a snap. A Speedycover takes all of 30 seconds to install on a book. Why buy preprocessed books with mylar – that will wear out quickly, and look dingy and scratched quickly?

Both Public and School Libraries benefit from Elettra – it’s like having another staff member to help with processing! Now – suddenly – a book that took an hour to get ready for the shelf only takes five minutes!!




Even with the widespread use of digital texts, expensive printed textbooks and supplements are a hefty portion of a school’s budget. Use Elettra to squeeze more life out of your district’s textbooks! Speedycover will keep the books cleaner, and can be easily replaced if torn.

Book Stores

Book Store customers don’t just buy books to read – they also buy books for their aesthetic value! If they were offered the option, many would love to own the book with a protective cover. Each book can be covered as a part of the checkout process – while also generating extra revenue for the store and creating an additional “difference” for your store!

The Elettra Speedycover System is easy and safe to use, and staff can be trained to operate the system in minutes. Covers are 100% transparent which means customers can still clearly see the book cover and title. 


By offering a book covering service, your store can both generate sales and save money in the following ways:

  • Attract new customers to your store by using the book covering service as a promotion, instead of (or along with) a discounted price. Perhaps… you could initially offer the service free for every 2 books purchased, generating new customers and introducing them to the service. When they purchase their next book, they are much more likely to choose to return to your shop and get covered books!
  • Save money by covering books before displaying them. This will help to eliminate price reductions made for damaged stock. If a book doesn’t sell, the cover can be easily removed – and the book returned in mint condition to the supplier for a credit.
  • The Elettra Speedycover System can open new markets. Many bookstores sell books to schools and libraries, but a book covering service can turn these sporadic visitors into regular customers.