Neschen Book Protection and Preservation Products


We distribute the library processing products from Neschen AG, the German manufacturer of book protection and repair films and tapes.

These products include the various Filmoplast processing, repair and document preservation tapes and coatings.



Neschen products are the finest in the world: innovative, and made to extend the life of books:

Easy to use and apply
Easy to disinfect (Click HERE to read OCLC test results on effect of COVID-19 on library materials)
Virtually transparent
All pass the Photographic Activity Test for simulated aging

Click the products below for demo videos or product descriptions:


                         Filmoplast P                         Filmoplast P-90              Filmoplast P-90 Plus                 Filmoplast R                           Filmoplast SH                           Filmoplast T

Coming Soon! Neschen filmolux soft organic!

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